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honey sempai yaoi need

March 2013



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Mar. 13th, 2013

honey sempai yaoi need

Renovations, repairs and other make overs

So it was a long time since I come here, well ok I was here all the time but well I didn't left any trace of my existence. Well I do try to change that! Bout before that I have to say few things

Ehhh where should I start...
Maybe here, I started my own tumblr! Hell yeah ! Go baby aha aha. It's quite cool and interesting so I was tempted to have one. It tooke me some time to warm up to it ( I started doing something on it a month or so after I make it xD), but once I did it was love, pure and strong. And knowing me forever and ever.

So this is it My baby tumbl --- >  http://nielubiepomidorow.tumblr.com/
(If somebody want to know the name means "I dislike tomatoes"   btw. I love this name )

What else? Ohhh I consider starting a blog. Why? Well recently I dig out my big love/addiction to books. With that come a new thing, a need to share my opinion about them with the word, so what I have to do ? Yeap write it down. But I don't want it to by anonymous, and buried somewhere under a pile of paper, or in some deserted file on my computer. I want it to see the light, so I started to wonder where to put it. For a moment even I consider LJ, but I just can't do it. It don't feel right.
1. I want to use english here, and for the reviewe not so much. I want to write them in polish so I can do a good use of my sarcastic tongue. ;)
2. This place here I kind of want to left for my manga ekh ekhe *YAOI land* adventure. As here is where my love for Grimmjow x Ichigo started, and died the one for Renji x Ichigo, thought still when I feel the need for lot of red heads inside I come for it here. As seriously the best storys with them can be found right here in LJ world.

So yeah I'm hunting for a good blog site, hope it will be a good hunt ! :)
That's all for now.

I will try to come here more often. I'm thinking about making a big list of the great fanfiction I come across, as seriosuly there is so many I'm geting lost in them on ff.

See yaa!

Nov. 20th, 2010

honey sempai yaoi need

Yaoi in Poland

Yey !
I'm soo happy that StudioJG is going to publish some yaoi manga.^^ Right now they published "Liberty Liberty" by Hinako Takanaga, and I just bought it, yaay it's gorgeus. I can't belive that I can look on this beautifull pictures in my hand on the paper. It's so great. I can't wait for more and
I know they going to publish more yaoi :] At last somebody going to bring yaoi to Polish fans

Polskie yaoistki wspierajcie StudioJG! Liberty Liberty jest naprawdę dobra mangą pod względem fabuły, do tego ma piękną kreskę. ^^

May. 23rd, 2008

honey sempai yaoi need

End of high school begining of writing fic xD

Whaa it was so long since I post last time. Shame of me but I don't know what to write about, and didn't have time to post because of my mature exam. It's not end yet, but almost all that left is oral exam from english. After it my life in high school will end. Yay xD I only hope that I get enough point in exams so I could study at university and became a vet. ^^ 

Now when I have a lot more time, I can try to write some fanfic . I have a lot of ideas but I didn't have time to sid down and write them down. The first thing I try to do is a challenge from 1sentenceI claimed Renji x Ichigo. It's one of my favorite couple. I already write some sentence. ^^ I need to find somebody who will check my fic because I'm not too confident about my english.

Aug. 29th, 2007

honey sempai yaoi need

First note


Today is a big day for me. I will do my first post. ^^ I'm rally exited about this, thought I wount upload anything. :P I put my first avatar, I found him on livejournal. I love this scene in musical when Gin say bye-bye and whant to go but Izuru stop him and then they staring singing one of my most loved song from burimyu "Sainara". ^^